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Folio Governance Structure

Folio Governance Levels:

There are five levels within the Folio Governance Model. Each has its own identity and purpose but collectively they ensure that support and challenge permeates all schools within the Trust through outstanding ‘governance’.

1.      ‘Members’ will receive the audited annual accounts but will delegate to Trustees the signing and the submission of the accounts to Companies House. They also delegate the operational running of the company to the Trustees.

2.      ‘Trustees’ or ‘Directors’ who support and challenge the Trust as part of the ‘Trust Board’ (TB). This includes the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Trust.

3.      ‘Local Advisors’ (LAs) who support and challenge the school (s) they are associated with as part of a ‘Local Advisory Board’ (LAB). They are able to advise the Trust Board as part of the Governance Model which includes the views of parents.

4.      ‘Senior Leadership Team’ (SLT) who are responsible for providing much of the evaluation and development within schools on a daily basis and reporting progress and responding to support and challenge from their dedicated LABs.

5.      ‘Staff’, both Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff, working within schools are the driving force behind school improvement. They are represented within LABs and form an essential part of how governance can have an impact on improved life chances for young people.

Executive Leadership Team Declaration of Interests