Message from the Chair

Folio’s vision for our children is wider than their SAT results, their GCSEs or their A Levels. It’s about the wellbeing of the whole child.  We want to see our pupils growing values and skills that they will give back when they become adults. 

As Chair of Folio Education Trust Board, I support the Chief Executive to ensure our schools are well-run and create the best learning environment for our children. The Board sees that we set the right direction for the trust, and holds the executive to account for doing this.

For many years in England, Local Authorities have run schools.  Multi-Academy Trusts bring an exciting blend of primary, junior and secondary schools under one umbrella.  MATs enable local people like me to bring our experience – often from outside of the education – to help our executives run what are now quite large enterprises.  As volunteers, we want to see children being provided with a great education and that the money for these schools is well-spent.  This is what Folio is about; the provision of educational experiences for children and staff which promote their well-being whilst delivering excellent educational outcomes.  

Above all, as a parent of a child in one of our schools, I want to see that the trust you put with us in your child’s education is well-earned.

Dr. Tim Crayford, Chair of the Trust Board