‘We Believe!’

We believe that we are outstanding. Not because we say it, but because we work hard at it. We are dedicated, committed and focused. We believe that every person will reach their personal best and overcome any challenge through a shared culture and ethos. We are dedicated to developing as successful individuals, creating a positive environment where all of us will learn. We never fail because we never give up. We believe in ourselves. We believe in each other. 

This powerful mantra underpins all of the schools within ‘Folio Education Trust’ and is a sign of the dedication and commitment that we expect all students, staff, parents and partners who work with our schools to have.

It is through a shared culture and ethos that schools collaborate at all times to make student centred decisions on how best to unleash the aspirations of young people and develop a true sense of love for their school. The Trust has plans to develop slowly so that it can embed significant achievements and sustain progress over a long period of time. Our ‘core ideology’ and ‘vision for the future’ give some sense of why we exist, what guides us and what we hope to achieve in the future.


Core Purpose –Why do we exist?

  1. To implement a child centred focus to ensure all decisions lead to the development of confident young people who have character.
  2. To change people’s lives through exceptional and memorable experiences that ensure people discover and then reach their      personal best and unlock improved life chances.
  3. To be an employer of choice and give staff the motivation to achieve job satisfaction and develop professionally through a talent management framework.
  4. To offer service provision that listens, understands and adjusts to the people that are being served.
  5. To develop a self-improving system between all academies within the Trust where collaboration occurs with the core purpose of raising standards.
  6. To explore beyond education to help remove barriers which prevent social inclusion.


Core Values – What guides us?

Our ‘values system’ is shared by all academies within the Trust and is the cornerstone of our existence. It ensures that everything we do is with the young people in mind and promotes a culture and ethos which allows all to BELIEVE.

Believe in ourselves and those around us encouraging ability and creativity.

Endeavour at all times and never give up.

Love what we do and the end result will be a logical consequence.

Inclusion will help us ensure we are one community without isolation.

Emotional intelligence will guide our decision making.

Value our community and develop a sense of social responsibility.

Excellence will be achieved with a growth mind-set.


Our Vision for the Future

Long term goal on a national scale

Contribute towards the changing face of British Education and be one of the top five performing Multi-Trusts in the country, designing and sharing academy improvement strategies.

Long term goal on a global scale

Open an international school which removes barriers to  outstanding education and improved life chances.


Vivid Description – what do we want to see in 10 years?

Our Trust will support academies that are the first choice of local families because of the ‘gold standard’ education that is provided. All academies within the Trust are student centred and this drives our decision making. Smiling faces are common place for students and staff as they are happy being part of the academy and part of a wider Trust community. Being educated as part of this Trust will mean something to not only the individual but also those who provide the next step of a young person’s education, training or employment. The service provision which helps drive the individual organisations within the Trust is focused on quality – listening, understanding and adjusting to meet the needs of those it is designed to serve. A main objective is to provide a system of self-challenge, self-improvement and collaboration with a shared passion to raise standards and allow all students to reach their personal best. No student or member of staff is neglected but inspired to develop improved life chances and live long and happy lives. As part of the collaboration between academies there is a desire to research pedagogy and influence social change to remove the barriers which limit well-being and opportunities for recognising and reaching personal best. Every person deserves the best and the Trust will do what it takes to deliver this while ensuring efficiencies and economies of scale which deliver outcomes beyond outstanding on a global scale.

Mr J. Wilden 
Chief Executive Officer