Folio Education Trust are proud to announce that they have been approved by the Department for Education (DfE), the Educational Funding Agency (EFA) to open a new comprehensive secondary school for girls and boys aged 11-18.  Coombe Wood School opened in September 2018 in temporary accommodation on our preferred site, Coombe Road Playing Fields in South Croydon.  Full planning permission has been obtained and building work will commence very soon.

The School is designed to be a local school for local children and will  have admissions criteria that will support children who attend local primary schools, those who live closest and those who have an Educational Health Care Plan or who are Looked After. In addition to this intake the school will also admit 10% of its intake following a sporting aptitude assessment which will identify young girls and boys who would benefit from attending a school with enhanced sports facilities and elite coaching programmes in specific sports such as Cycling, Dance, Futsal and Football. Working closely with local coaching academies and clubs the school will develop an extended day which will offer children and local families the opportunity to use the school as a community for activities after school, in the evening and at weekends.

The curriculum of the school will use the most innovative techniques of delivery while being very traditional in its content. Three distinctive pathways will define a student’s journey through the school which will focus upon sport, the creative arts and have an academic focus in traditional subjects such as Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry and Physics as the majority of students will aspire to move through GCSE to A Level and then on to University or directly into Higher Apprenticeships. While the main school opened its doors in September 2018, the Sixth Form will open in September 2020 offering those local children who have performed to the highest standard the chance to stay on into the Sixth Form and study three A Levels and / or a Level 3 BTEC qualification in Sport Management. Complementing the curriculum will be a rich tapestry of extra-curricular clubs and societies and a competitive House System which will unite children of all ages and staff as they take part in sporting fixtures and events such as House Music and House Drama.

The core values of Coombe Wood School are:

  • Teamwork - children working with their friends, parents and teacher to solve a challenging mathematical problem.  Collaboration often leads to better outcomes.
  • Respect - treating others as you would wish to be treated when a mistake is made in carrying out a science experiment.  It's ok to get things wrong, as long as you learn from your mistakes.
  • Enjoyment - life moves too fast not to enjoy school.  Take every opportunity on offer and participate to the best of your ability in activities such as a school play or one of the school's sports teams.
  • Discipline - structure liberates and so a set of clear expectations for parents, staff and children will ensure our community is organised, positive and collaborative.  All of these stakeholders are essential to achieving an outstanding education and should agree to these expectations through our Home-School-Agreement.
  • Sportsmanship - by showing empathy we can intensify our celebration of people's achievements.  We can also offer the necessary support to ensure we all reach our personal best together.

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