Given the current educational landscape and political pressures on spending, Multi-Academy Trusts are an increasingly logical way for schools to drive financial efficiencies who are coping with ever decreasing funding from Local Authorities.   Bringing together a number of schools creates financial economies of scale not available to individual academies as well as advantageous operational efficiencies through increased buying power or shared services.

It is the Folio Education Trust vision to provide collaboration in the following shared service areas:

  1. Financial Administration, Management Support and Reporting
  2. Legal, Insurance and Health and Safety services
  3. Human Resources and Employment Services
  4. Information Technology services
  5. Governance Support
  6. Catering services
  7. Data and Reporting Systems
  8. Premises and Maintenance to include Capital Projects
  9. Educational Welfare services

Logically, each school within a MAT will have differing levels of demand for these type of services and require unique levels of support; the Folio Education Trust would look to establish a service level agreement that meets the individual needs for each school.