Our Vision for the Future

Long term goal on a national scale

Contribute towards the changing face of British Education and be one of the top five performing Multi-Trusts in the country, designing and sharing academy improvement strategies.

Long term goal on a global scale

Open an international school which removes barriers to outstanding education and improved life chances.


Vivid Description – what do we want to see in 10 years?

Our Trust will support academies that are the first choice of local families because of the ‘gold standard’ education that is provided. All academies within the Trust are student centred and this drives our decision making. Smiling faces are common place for students and staff as they are happy being part of the academy and part of a wider Trust community. Being educated as part of this Trust will mean something to not only the individual but also those who provide the next step of a young person’s education, training or employment. The service provision which helps drive the individual organisations within the Trust is focused on quality – listening, understanding and adjusting to meet the needs of those it is designed to serve. A main objective is to provide a system of self-challenge, self-improvement and collaboration with a shared passion to raise standards and allow all students to reach their personal best. No student or member of staff is neglected but inspired to develop improved life chances and live long and happy lives. As part of the collaboration between academies there is a desire to research pedagogy and influence social change to remove the barriers which limit well-being and opportunities for recognising and reaching personal best. Every person deserves the best and the Trust will do what it takes to deliver this while ensuring efficiencies and economies of scale which deliver outcomes beyond outstanding on a global scale.